Thanks for joining the GNH 2022 from 8-10 July 2022

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Come and join us for the epic medieval hash event of the century!

Burg Wildenstein and Stuttgart H3 welcome you to a veritable ancient castle,
erected more than eight centuries ago. Towering high above the Danube,
it affords bewitching views of the Swabian Alb and is the perfect venue
for medieval frolicking. So getteth in touch with your inner knight or
dragon or be the lady of the court. Come join us and drink & dance to
the tune of your favorite minstrel song!

Venue (official address):
Jugendherberge Burg Wildenstein
88637 Leibertingen-Wildenstein

Things you want to know:

What will I get for my guilders?
Here’s the outline as rough as your Hessian peasant pants:
Friday: Make the organizers aware of your esteemed presence from 17:00 onwards
(that's 5pm for our guests from Albion and former dependencies), pick up your goody bag
and move into your bower or tower and partake in a feast before being led astray on a tour of the
surroundings (alcohol involved, of course). Try and find the way back to your room at your
own convenience and ability.  
Saturday: Make sure to have breakfast before setting out on one of the trails – the area is
glorious and, as we all know, great views mean great heights… There will be trails, food and
fun in the afternoon, followed by a great evening meal and a party to blow your candles out.
Sunday: Pack your armour, have some breakfast, join us for the hangover trail! If that’s too
much, stay and lick your wounds until we’re back. F*** off circle. VOTE FOR GNH 2022. Have
some lunch. Go home or stay for the incredible postlube on Monday! (See below for more details.)

What’s in the goody bag?
Now that would be telling. What we do tell you though: it will be great! And: since all our
wardrobes suffer from shirt overflow, shirts are NOT included but you can order one for EUR 25
on the rego form, in addition to the rego fee.

What is the general theme of this week-end?
Now that is a stupid question. Everything medieval, of course. Yes, this includes the party
theme Saturday night. And yes, the whole weekend will be environment friendly. We will
keep the plastic usage to the minimum, if we can’t completely avoid it.

What is the castle like?
Old! As in: really old! Great atmosphere!

Who’s cumming?
Scroll down the rego page to see.

Things you don’t want to know:

What are the r*ns going to be like?
Hard! The Swabian Alb is beautiful but very hilly!

What are the rooms like?
Old! Well, many are. Many are not. To reflect some of the less modern standards,
the older or busier rooms are a bit cheaper. Think party room!

Can I get there by public transport?
Sure. You can get to Beuron by train, after that it’s an easy 5 km up the hill. Just kidding.
Make sure you can hitch a ride with someone, we will also try and work out something for
those that have no friends.

What about pre/postlubes?
Prelube: most likely!
We are planning on a Red Dress Run on Thursday, 7 July 2022, but nothing definite yet.
Stay tuned as to where and when you will get a chance to sport those crimson velvet gowns.
Postlube: most definitely! To be precise: on Monday, 11 July 2022
What nicer way to round off your trip to the Alb with a canoeing trip down the breathtaking
Danube valley? We will board our canoes just a short drive from the castle and paddle down
the river, stopping for a BBQ along the way. Enjoy spectacular views as you drift down the
river with a beer (or whatever) in your hand.
IMPORTANT: The cost for this is EUR 25 p.p. extra. This is just for the boat, the final amount
will be added to your rego fee. THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE REGO. If the canoeing is
cancelled due to bad weather or low water levels, you will of course get your money back. If
you change your mind and don’t want to join us after all, best to find someone to take your
spot as we will not be able to reimburse you in that case.
YOU WILL NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN FOOD AND DRINKS for the postlube. This will be easy
though as we will stop at a supermarket before getting to the canoes so you can get all the
supplies you want.
elsewhere, if you prefer, for the extra night.
Time line: expect a start around 11 am and a 4 - 5 hour float down the Danube
(all times are subject to change, no guarantees).